Doctors working at

Ely Bridge Surgery


The practice is a partnership of seven General Practitioners (GPs), five of whom work part-time. We also have two salaried GPs


Dr Helen Lindsey MBBS (1987 London) - Female
Partner - full time
DRCOG (1990) MRCGP (1991)
Joined the practice in 1991
Special interests are child health, family planning and gynaecology


Dr Jane Evans MBBCh (1988 Wales) - Female
Partner - part time
MRCGP (1992)
Joined the practice in 1993
Special interests in the menopause & HRT, depression, child health and family planning


Dr John Wakeling MBBCh (1994 Wales) - Male
Partner - full time
Joined the practice in 2004
Special interests in diabetes and heart disease


Dr Meryl Ellis MBBS (1992 London) - Female
Partner - part time
DRCOG (1995) MRCGP (1997)
Joined the practice in August 2001
Special interests in Family Planning and Women's Health


Dr Caroline Samantha (Sam) Wilson
Partner - part time
MBChB (1989 Birmingham) - Female
MRCGP (1995) DFFP (1995) 
Joined the practice in April 2004
Special interests in Women's Health


Dr Geraint Williams 
Partner - full time
MBBCh (2006 Cardiff) Male
DRCOG (2011) MRCGP (2013) 
Joined the practice in August 2013


Dr Lianne Turner 
Partner - part time
MBBCh (2009 Cardiff) Female
BSc (Pharmacology, 2007 Cardiff) MRCGP (2014)  DCH (2014)
Joined the practice in May 2016


Dr Danielle Yarlett (was Harris) 
Salaried GP - part time
BSc (Hons) (2008 Cardiff) MBBCh (2011) Female
DFSRH (2015) MRCGP (2017) 
Joined the practice in August 2017


Dr Jordan Edwards 
Salaried GP - part time
MBChB (2012 Birmingham) Female
DRCOG (2015) MRCGP (2017)
Joined the practice in September 2017


Dr Emily Watkin 
Salaried GP - part time
MBChB (2009 Sheffield) Female
DTM&H (2013) DRCOG (2016) DFRSH (2016) MRCGP (2018)
Joined the practice in January 2019

Ely Bridge Surgery is an accredited training practice, and for many years has been involved in the postgraduate training of fully qualified doctors who wish to enter the speciality of General Practice. These GP Registrars usually work in the practice for six or twelve months as part of their specialist family doctor training, and their work is supervised by an accredited Trainer. 

Our current Trainers are Dr Wilson and Dr Ellis
Our current Registrars are Dr Sarah Jones and Dr Alice Wall

We also occasionally have medical students at the practice.

Their work is supervised by Drs Ellis and Wilson, but you may come across a medical student working with any member of the practice team. If you do not wish a medical student to be present, just tell us and your wishes will be respected.

As well as assisting in the training of doctors, we believe that this continuous involvement in medical education helps the continuing focus by the practice on the provision of high quality patient care.